The latest revolution in advertising technology, an E-mercial, offers your business the ability to enhance and reinforce it's messages and reach a wider target audience. Why settle for just a television commercial when you can post the exact same message, or various ones, on your business' Web-site, and even e-mail them to thousands of viewers.

Imagine a short, live-action video about your products, services and company right at your targeted-audiences fingertips. No special hardware needed at either end. Just a computer, monitor and an internet service provider, and your message is viewed ANYWHERE on Earth.

Depending on how many people visit your Web-site or receive your e-mail, the entire campaign can cost far less than a first-class postage stamp to those same consumers.

REELIZED Productions can take your existing commercials or video, or shoot and create a program for you, and then compress it to be uploaded to your Web-site or e-mailed as an easy to download file attachment. The process is that plain, and that simple.

For more information about how quickly, cheaply and easily your business can exploit this powerful new advertising and selling medium, give us a call or send us an e-mail and tell us what type service(s) you need, and we'll have a quote by return e-mail.